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Spy Pen Camera

Record videos in public unnoticed. Place pen camera in your shirt pocket and record videos or take pictures without any suspicion. Also good for social media.
₦ 4,999.00

Ipad Xtreme Case

Protect your IPad from damage - falling, water etc. Also Colourful for fancy...
₦ 4,999.00

Laptop Elevator Stand

Use computer without hurting your neck & spine - ensures same level as your face. Very important! For PC,Mac,Ipad & other tablets Adjustable level
₦ 4,999.00

Wireless Speakerphone Car Bluetooth Kit

Answer phone calls on your car speaker while driving.
₦ 5,000.00

Car Infrared Rear Fog Light

Emits red infrared light at the rear at night or in Hazy weather. Avoid accidents...
₦ 3,000.00

Lumbar Back Rest

Say goodbye to lower back pain!
₦ 2,000.00

LED Fancy Glasses

Colourful Light Effects at Night! Good for events & parties. Can also be used for music video shoot.
₦ 3,500.00

Selfie Stick

Now you can take those selfies!
₦ 2,000.00

Car Windscreen Cleaner

Clean your windscreen from inside - helps especially in rain or hazy weather.
₦ 2,000.00

Skeleton Bikers Gloves

Fancy Gloves. For Bikers & Cyclists.
₦ 3,500.00